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Solar Power


Driven by curiosity, Mt. Wheeler Power’s general manager Randy Ewell felt compelled to gather reliable, estimates of solar capabilities and cost by putting in a small, stationary solar system at our Ely office.  The system will be used to collect data, demonstrate collection of energy, serve as an educational tool and prove the viability of net metering credits.  “We agree that solar energy is an environmentally responsible choice, but we are also determined to provide the most reliable and affordable energy service to our membership” says Randy Ewell. To check out some data from our own solar panel site, click the button to the right.






solar panel data



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A well-thought-out implementation of solar generation can produce a comfortable home. The cost of solar power for your home however, will depend on a number of variables. Where you live, the cost of your panels and how many you would need, how much sun your property receives, incentive programs, tax and utility credits all will have an impact on the rate of return on your investment. You can click on the button below to see the data and estimate the cost of a system.

Calculate your savings


Greenway Program


Mt. Wheeler Power can also help you begin a routine of being environmentally friendly with their GreenWay program.   This program was established in 2001 as a means to provide opportunities for our membership to support the efforts of small companies developing renewable energy options. Wind, solar, hydro and biomass are all part of energy technologies.  Here’s how our program works; you can sign up to receive green power in 100 kwh blocks at the additional cost of $1.95 per block.  If you choose to receive “green power” somewhere on the Western power grid an exact amount of power equivalent to your usage is being produced by a renewable power producer, and the premium you pay is supporting that production. Some people consider it their way of thinking about the environment, but to us it’s simply providing easy options to our members. Contact us or pick up an application by clicking the button to the right to sign up.






Greenway Program

Tips from touchstone

Even the smallest efforts are important to our environment. “The most effective way to make a difference is by practicing conservation within our own homes” says Kevin Robison, Mt. Wheeler Power Member Services Manager. “Making small changes around the house can also provide immediate benefits to your wallet.” You’d be surprised how much money you can save when you remember to turn off the lights, unplug your appliances when they aren’t in use and seal up those drafty windows. Click on the button to the left to visit Touchstone Energy’s website to learn more about making small changes that really add up.